Digital Radiography and Digital OPG

The main advantage of digital radiology and digital OPG is that the radiation dose decreases dramatically and as a patient you avoid being exposed to unnecessary radiation.

Panoramic X-ray (OPG) provides a large and valuable imaging over the entire face allowing accurate therapy planning for most treatments. Digital sensors are as accurate as conventional x-ray films, but with up to 90% less radiation to the patient.

The image is projected considerably faster in our computers and we can see more of these images by magnification and contrast change. We can with the computer’s amazing ability to store information, illustrate the details and take advantage of features that are not an ordinary film can reproduce.

Since digital x-rays do not use film or chemicals, it is environmentally friendly. With this method, we need not worry about how to take care of the hazardous substances that are waste products in conventional radiology.

Digital OPG