Get to know your skin

As we age, the skin becomes increasingly rougher and drier. Treatment with Restylane can be a good option to restore the moisture balance in the skin or smooth wrinkles and folds.

When you plan to improve your skin or enhance your appearance, knowledge of how the skin changes with increasing age be a good help. The skin is the largest human body and has several important functions. The skin gives us not only the appearance and shape, it also has other important functions, such as protecting the body from the environment, prevent excessive fluid loss and protect the body against infections.

Men’s skin

Men’s skin is generally thicker, have less fat and more collagen than women. While women’s skin tends to change at key stages of childbirth or menopause, aging men’s skin linearly over time.

This leads to reduced agility, greater roughness and dryness of the skin. Collagen and elastic fibers are broken down and the quality of the body’s own hyaluronic acid drops.

Improve skin’s characteristics

The rate of skin aging is due to intrinsic factors such as our genetic code and the biological clock, but also on external factors as we may to some extent have control over.

It is well known that smoking and alcohol, sun damage and stress can all accelerate the biological clock. The skin is sun damage by ultraviolet radiation the main threat.

Although Restylane can not turn back the clock, you can skin qualities enhanced by restoring moisture balance and smooth out wrinkles and highlight facial contours.