Lip Treatment

Restylane provides a natural way to enlarge your lips so that they get the shape and fullness you desire.

The lips often find themselves in the spotlight and the focus of attention. Restylane can create fuller lips, accentuate the lip line or create a clearer Cupid’s bow in a way that looks natural.

Restylane can do this for your smile

▪ Richer lips

▪ Check the lip line

▪ Create happier munvinklar

▪ Reduce smoke wrinkles around the mouth

New Restylane for lips

Irresistible softness

Our new and innovative products specifically designed to create a subtle but significant improvement and, above all, a natural result. Whether your focus is to create volume or just giving your lips a rejuvenating, natural look is always the goal.

How a Restylane lip treatment goes to

While most Restylane products are flexible and useful for various therapeutic areas, so are the new lip products specifically tailored to match the delicate lip tissue.

With Restylane lip products, you can discreetly build capacity, increase softness and Commander Unit and restore the natural moisture balance of your lips, all in a simple, rejuvenating treatment. It is a treatment that is easy to implement and that gives you an immediate and natural results.