Facial Contouring

Recreate your face volume and contours

Restylane can give you a natural elevation of your cheeks and a more pronounced chin.

When the surgery is going too far, Restylane help to restore lost volume in the face in a way that looks natural. By carefully adding chin and cheeks extra volume molds and marks Restylane these areas so that they give a youthful and more distinctive appearance.

Restylane can highlight and accentuate your facial features

▪ A clearer indication of the cheekbones
▪ A more prominent chin

Volume Treatment with Restylane

With a simple and natural way with the help of Restylane can restore their youthful appearance and enhance their facial contours by adding volume.

Recover lost volume at the temples, by adding volume to the face, you get a lift and do while nasolabialvecken less prominent.

Regain lost volume to the cheekbones and clarify the contours of your face. Reinforce jawline and creating a more defined chin.

Restylane consists of a unique gel in the form of hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in the body. Restylane fills out wrinkles, lips and restore volume such as the cheekbones, the eyes and the face.

With 15 years of research and more than 15 million treatments worldwide, Restylane is a proven, safe and effective product.

Volume Treatment with Restylane will help you to refine and enhance your individual beauty!