About us

In 16 years we have cared for the people of Malmö teeth at our reception. This means that we have a large loyal group of patients of all ages. Today we are 18 employees at the clinic spread of experienced dental team.

The teams specialize in general dentistry, implants and aesthetic dentistry. We also offer emergency dental care. We use the latest technology and is one of the few dental clinics that have their own dental technicians in the same house.

The result is that we can provide a better quality and complete the work and repairs in a short time.

The patient in the centre

Thoughtfulness and quality is something that characterizes the work of Implant & Esthetic Center. We have extensive experience in treating patients with different needs and it has influenced the way we work.

We value the patients and the dental visit a pleasant experience. For us it is important that you feel safe when you visit us. We are service oriented and always put the patient at the center!

A requirement to provide you with good dental care is our dedicated and highly trained staff. We keep ourselves constantly updated on the news in the industry that allows us to offer you even better dental care. Knowledge, good material and durable solutions will give you healthy teeth for life.

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The dentist would like to know how you feel 
When will the first time it is common that you fill out a health declaration, in which you answer questions about possible diseases and which drugs you use. Some drugs that cause dry mouth, may include an increased risk of caries. Cardiac patients may need antibiotics for surgical procedures. The dentist would also like to know if you are allergic to something, such as penicillin. We also know that stressed patients have an increased risk of periodontal disease and tooth extrusion. Then you tell us which dental treatment you received earlier.

Radiographs show hidden flaws 
After that X-rays, mainly dental crowns, bone level and root tips. It is also important that the images detect signs of periodontal disease. X-ray pictures show things that are difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye. For some dentists, the dental nurse who takes the pictures. However, it is the dentist who makes the diagnosis.

If you have recently made a large X-ray with another dentist, let us know this for your new dentist who can then requisition the records instead of new pictures.

The dentist makes a status, ie. note the number of teeth involved and which teeth have fillings.

Clinical study of visible defects 
Only then is the time for the dentist to manually examine the teeth, ie. see if there is tooth decay, if any fillings broken or for some other reason needs to be replaced. It is also important to check for periodontal pockets. This is to prevent or soon enough to treat periodontal disease. Your dentist will measure the periodontal pockets with a graduated probe (a narrow gauge), and also notes if the gums are red or swollen. Dentists are also looking at the mucous membranes and tongue to examine the lining looks healthy.

Both X-ray examination and the manual examination is virtually painless. Despite this, many patients find that it can feel embarrassing. Some are worried about the pain and find it uncomfortable to have anything in your mouth. If you feel that way, tell your dentist. Then take him or her accordingly.

Treatment Planning and quotes 
For you as a patient knows what treatment involves and what it costs dentist writes a treatment plan and a cost estimate. You have the right to know what different treatment options and what they cost, and accordingly be involved in selecting materials.

Important controls 
After completion of treatment, it is then important to have regular checks, one or two times a year. Ask your dentist to call you.

important that you feel comfortable with your dentist 
Get yourself a dentist who you feel comfortable with. Tell me also if there is anything you are unhappy with. Then you can in time overcome any misunderstandings.