Dental Technician Dentist Information

Implant & Esthetic Center is a full service laboratory that is adjacent to the clinic. In the laboratory, our experienced and qualified dental technicians with various specialties to meet customer needs. They perform different types of dental work such as crowns, bridges, implants and prostheses designs to our dentist.

When the laboratory is connected to the clinic we are able to offer our dentists and patients an effective and

The workforce is the cornerstone of the clinic’s future and is something that evolves with the needs of patients.

There are many reasons to order dental technology from us. Mainly the high quality of our products and short waiting times, we work exclusively with the latest technology, the best materials and the most knowledgeable staff. We place such high demands on our suppliers as to ourselves.

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Dental Technician Patient Information

Modern dentistry places high demands on close cooperation between dentists and dental technicians to achieve an excellent treatment results. And close cooperation is what we have here at Implant & Esthetic Center.

Implant & Esthetic Centre dental laboratory supply products with the highest quality to our dentist. Our dentist, in turn, provides you, the patient these Swedish-made dental products. You can expect to get strong and beautiful teeth of us.

Our dentists are working with an ethical approach to dental care in a warm and compassionate environment. We collaborate on patient preference. That means when you receive care from your dentist gives you automatic access to all others in the clinic. Specialist Dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists.

We are working calmly and confidently with your teeth. We do not experiment with new unexplored materials and methods. We are experimenting at all, not with your oral health. No cheap materials, no low-cost alternatives or shortcuts.

Our philosophy is quite simple: The patient is at the center!