Tooth Removal

When to remove a tooth? 
Without teeth, it is difficult to disperse food and produce speech. A whole row of teeth is also an important part of the look and a beautiful smile. The lack of teeth can also cause malfunctions in the mouth and jaw.

It is customary to pull a tooth when there are no other options. Sometimes the tooth is badly damaged that it can no longer be afraid. There are several reasons to remove a tooth. The tooth may be difficult caries attacked, or the patient may have as advanced periodontal disease, periodontitis. There may be an acute ULCER at the bottom of the tooth root or tooth can be seriously injured as a result of an accident. In some cases, you also need to remove a tooth in conjunction with orthodontics and prosthetic treatment. Removal of a tooth are also often at a dental cleaning prior to radiotherapy.

Wisdom teeth 
Wisdom teeth usually come up in 20 years of age. Some wisdom teeth can be left partially outgrowth or not to have grown out at all. Sometimes you do not have wisdom teeth completely. For the most part usually wisdom teeth cause more harm than good. When wisdom teeth no longer fit in the dental arch prevented the from coming forward.

Incomplete teething often causes an inflammation of tissue around the tooth, called perikoronit.

Perikoronit can cause pain, a hot sensation and swelling, and limitation of mouth opening movement. Periodontal pocket may secrete each, which means that you can relax in bad taste and odor to the disease. Perikoronit treated with antibiotics, but when it cools off you should remove the wisdom tooth to prevent a new inflammation. Since wisdom teeth also located in the back of the dental arch is difficult to keep clean and easily attacked by caries.

Panoramatomografi picture 
In order to make a good assessment of the wisdom tooth position and sprickningsgrad one must often take a panoramatomografibild of the mouth and jaw. Tooth position, degree of development and shape affect removal method. In the simplest cases, the tooth just pulled out. In the worst cases, the tooth is removed surgically.

Removal of wisdom teeth 
Removal of wisdom teeth is often easier in young people, before they begin to attach firmly into the jawbone. Young people often heal faster. In some cases, wisdom teeth, place the dental arch and can be kept clean, which means you do not necessarily have to remove them. Even more difficult removals and operations of the teeth is performed professionally and painlessly with us.

What replaces the removed tooth? 
The removed tooth can be replaced by various methods, such as dental implant therapy or bridge structures. Replacement of a tooth is mainly on the set visible or if it has an important role in chewing. At implant treatment you put an artificial root, an implant, the bone, so that one can build a new tooth. Removed teeth also replaced with a bridge, secured with the help of the implant and adjacent teeth.