Dental Fear

About half of all adults say they feel discomfort and anxiety when they visit the dentist. Among people who do not receive routine dental care is fear one of the most common reasons for not going. It is important that you visit dentistry to get a regular check of your teeth and your oral health.

Sometimes just talking to your dentist or hygienist to gain more control over the therapeutic situation. For us it is important that you feel that you are provided with information about treatment that you need to feel safe in therapeutic situation.

Relaxation therapy or sedative drugs
In cases of severe dental fear, we help the patient to learn to relax during the treatment. We can also, if necessary, give sedatives. With us you can always stop when you want, and take a break if it gets too uncomfortable. If you feel that you belong to this category, you can always ask to today’s last time, so we can take your time for reading.