Dental Hygienist

You do not need a referral to visit our dental hygienist, but you can yourself make contact and schedule an appointment with us. Of course you can also talk to one of our dentist and get a recommendation. Often working dentist and dental hygienist in the team and the dentist often recommend a dental hygienist visits.

First, a health declaration 
Hygienist would first encourage you to fill out a health declaration. She will receive an idea of how you feel and also get information about what medications you take.

The pockets are measured 
Then reviews the dental hygienist and measure your periodontal pockets to see how deep they are. She also looks at how the gum looks like – if it bleeds, is red or swollen – and taking x-rays, if necessary.

Deposits are removed 
Hygienist will then remove any tartar and stains and polish and polish your teeth and fillings. If the coatings are not regularly removed, can eventually cause tooth loss.

Hand instruments and ultrasonic 
Dental stone can be removed by using two methods. One is to use hand tools, small hooks of various sizes that reach down into the gum pockets. The second is ultrasound, by which the coatings vibrated away. Many dental hygienists use of both methods.

If you believe that the treatment is uncomfortable, ask for pain relief in some form. The simplest is analgesic ointment or spray, but you can also get a local anesthetic. Relaxation exercises, such as music, or breathing exercises are other options.

When all the teeth are cleaned, polished so that they feel shiny and nice. Bacteria are then also more difficult to gain a foothold.

Gives good advice
Of the dental hygienist, you will also learn about the best way to maintain healthy gums, such as using dental floss, toothbrushes apart or toothpicks.

Important to revisit 
Make it a habit to visit the dental hygienist once or twice a year. When you get your gums checked regularly and your teeth cleaned. Then, if you also take care of your teeth thoroughly at home you are able to maintain good oral health throughout life. Talk to your dental hygienist and dentist how best to put up visits to both of them.