Oral agreement for businesses and individuals

Situational leadership and your business!
In today’s business held values such as quality, commitment and creativity high, while there is great shortage of these values. With a situational leadership and entrepreneurship, business leaders can help the growth and development of such values.

Wellness Strategy
Your employees are one of the most important parts of your company. Research shows that a functioning health care strategy has positive effects. To focus on production, while ensuring the relationship with the employee and his or her welfare, gives a positive effect on work performed with far reaching consequences.

Wellness is a simple but effective way to care about the staff and reduce the number of sick days. While you will receive a more motivated and efficient staff! This is a great way to profile your company to others and reinforce your brand!

Investing in staff by Oral Agreement!
Give your staff free dental care through the Oral Agreement! Every business depends on its with-worker’s skills and motivation to succeed. These factors are increasingly important, both to your company achieve your goals but also to attract, develop and retain talented employees.

By that you are investing in your staff with the Oral Agreement, you will enhance the health, while a few employees who are more motivated and focused on making every effort in your company!

Oral agreement is beneficial to the employees when they do not have expensive dental care costs. For your company, it is beneficial when you get a more efficient employees with lower absenteeism.

Full right!
Since 1 January 2004, the company has full deductibility of health care for employees as long as all employees have access to benefits, and employee benefits are not taxed for the service.

How Does Oral Care Agreement work?
It establishes a contract between Implant & Esthetic Center and your company. With the Oral Agreement, the employee regular dental care with us at a fixed price.

The employee comes to us and we offer a free survey! We begin with a careful control of the patient’s teeth. We treat the patient and the laws of any holes, remove the tartar and polishing the teeth. If necessary, other treatments, we will also carry them. These costs normally borne by the patient.

Premium group
After investigation, we place the patient in one of our three premium groups, where Group 1 is the lowest group.

Extremely low risk: Group 1
75kr per month.
Low and medium risk: Group 2
145 kr per month.
High risk: Group 3
295 kr per month.

The fee 
The charge per month will be different depending on which group the employee end up in. When the patient cleared the dentist assesses the group to which the employee will belong to, this depending on the dental health of the employee. The decision is based on the dentist’s diagnosis of oral health that the patient has or has had.

When the reset is complete, we write a contract that lasts for one year. During the contract period may be your employee surveys as they are called for and the care they need, including acute, which is within the contract.

Once a year has passed, we make a new control of the employee’s oral health. In the new control group premiums may be changed to a cheaper group depending on how well the patient performed his teeth.

Oral Agreement

In Oral Care Agreement included

– Survey
– Preventive dentistry
– Fluorine Coating
– Dental Cleaning
– Repair
– root canal treatment
– Tooth Removal
– Cementing of the dropped crown or bridge
– Emergency dental care

In Oral Care Agreement does not include

– Orthodontics
– Tooth whitening and tooth jewel
– Other dentists
– Expenses for missing visits or late cancellation
– Prosthetics
– Costs for dental work and materials

Why you should subscribe Oral Agreement

– A smart investment
– An attractive workplace
– More motivated staff
– A healthier staff
– Less sick leave
– A competitive advantage over other companies
– Cheaper dental
– Improved brand
– Goodwill