Shell and facades

Teeth with disturbing discolorations, gaps, uneven row of teeth or unsightly fillings can help you with. Veneers or porcelain posts can result in significant aesthetic improvements. Veneers are usually on the front teeth and porcelain posts on the chewing teeth.

A veneer is a replacement for a damaged or discolored portion of the enamel on the front of a tooth. It is usually made of porcelain and can be a substitute for a chipped tooth. With the help of a facade can also broaden a front tooth to fill out a disturbing gap.

Veneers are an alternative to traditional crowns. The advantage of veneers is that they do much less damage and in many cases just need to drill into your teeth. They cover again big gaps or cover stained teeth. They also cover misshapen teeth, crooked teeth. In these cases, veneers a good option. Veneers are made so that it is impossible to see that it is not your real teeth. They discolor nor of coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

How do you do? 
The dentist begins by removing any damaged enamel and shaping the tooth surface by a light sanding. The aim is that the facade will cover such as a discoloration and should be as thin as possible. A suitable color tested. An impression is taken and our dental technicians produces facade. After testing the facade can be attached to the tooth.

Porcelain Post
Porcelain Post or ceramic posts made on the teeth longer into the mouth. They often replace a larger caries damaged portion of a tooth or large and unsightly fillings. A porcelain post is very similar to a real tooth, both in shape and color. This may be of special techniques made by the dentist himself, but usually produced in collaboration with a dental technician. The attachment of this constitutes an important stage and performed well with a particular technology.

If you are thinking of a treatment with veneers, there are some important points to consider before you begin your treatment. Veneers are a permanent treatment. Since a small portion of the enamel of the tooth is drilled away, the treatment is not reversible (reversible). You should take anesthesia during treatment. This brings us to treat you absolutely painless.

Veneers are strong and can withstand the chewing pressure very well, less good move and frictions. Therefore, it is just like your natural teeth so that patients with veneers to avoid overloading their veneers, for example by cracking nuts, open the caps, biting into hard-core, etc.

On several veneers made of the same jaw, we recommend always letting manufacture and use a splint for maximum shelf life of your new veneers. How long facades are, depends not only on the material but also to take care of your teeth thoroughly.


Porcelain facades
The price for porcelain facades deposited varies between 5.000kr – 8.500kr per tooth.
The cost of porcelain facades is affected by the manufacturer price and how many facades that are inserted at the same time.