About whitening

Always ask for a responsible dental professional before attempting a tooth whitening. Teeth whitening in 1 hour with Zoom is only available through licensed dentists or dental hygienists. Only the professional dental care can teeth and have the necessary knowledge and training. Their professional skills enabling them to assess your chances for a secure and safe treatment with the best results as a result.

The overall dental expertise warns that perform teeth whitening outside the dental professional. Without a licensed dental education lack the necessary knowledge about mechanisms of action, risks and side effects in and around the mouth which can have undesirable results.

Read below about the different teeth whitening methods we can offer you. You can then find out what issues are usually made by patients.

About the Zoom whitening light

Teeth whitening in 1 hour with the Zoom is the latest and the best in teeth whitening. Zoom is inter alia known from “Extreme Makeover” in Kanal 5. Happy Hour – teeth whitening in 1 hour with the Zoom give you a whiter smile in about an hour and are available only from your dental professional. Zoom has been around since 2002 and is used by 74,000 dentists/dental hygienists worldwide.

The Zoom whitening light you get whiter teeth directly with your dentist or dental hygienist. The light is very effective and whitens your teeth an average of eight shades lighter. The lamp is used in combination with a bleaching gel that is applied to your teeth. The actual lampblekningen takes an hour and throughout treatment including preparation takes about 1.5 hours.

How does it work with Zoom whitening light for:

1. The dentist makes a color shot of the original tooth color.

2. Gums and mucous membranes are protected with a material and bleaching gel is applied to the teeth.

3. Zoom light is active for 3 x 20 minutes or 3 x 15 minutes and whitens teeth during this time.

4. After the end of treatment have been teeth an average of eight shades lighter. Your dentist may also have left its mark on hemblekningsskenor sent home.

Zoom – The best Bleaching

Happy Hour – teeth whitening in 1 hour with the Zoom is the best teeth whitening. All according to several industry magazines and Swedish tests.

Dental magazine Reality, after evaluation concluded that Zoom offers the best clinical outcome. The magazine has given Zoom award “Reality’s Choice”, “Number One” and “Five Star Award”.

Industry magazine CRA (Clinical Research Associates) has also given Zoom Award “Outstanding Products”. The Dental Advisor has appointed Zoom to “Editors’ Choice” and gave the product the highest rating (5 +).

The Dental Center has readers voted and gave Happy Hour – teeth whitening in 1 hour with Zoom the prestigious “Townie Choice Award 2005” which also appears in the picture beside.

Happy Hour – teeth whitening in 1 hour with Zoom has also received the highest rating of the health magazine Wellness. Wellness has tested several products on the market and concluded that Zoom is worth the highest award.


Price for Zoom Whitening: 3900 SEK 

Treatment sequence
The first step is to decide on a color scheme what color your teeth now. 
 The treatment begins with that we protect your lips, gums and tongue. Then comes whitening gel on three times in 15 minutes. The teeth are illuminated with a UV lamp during treatment. During the treatment you are comfortable in our soft dental chairs.

When treatment is complete after about 1 hour, we look again at the color scale to see which shade of white your teeth now. Hopefully the results you smile and laugh a little extra. 
 There is currently no known side effects of teeth whitening in addition to you during and shortly after (about 24 hours) may feel that it hastens to the teeth.

After bleaching, it is important to you for 48 hours only take “white” foods and beverages such as milk, rice and boiled fish. You should also avoid smoking and snuff.We have chosen to work with Zoom because it is a well-documented and proven method. We also think after trying other methods to the zoom that give the best results.


With Airflow removed coatings and stains quickly and easily from your teeth. A jet of air, bicarbonat and water removal without the pain stains and traces of coffee, tea and tobacco. The spray tastes like lemon or mint as afterwards it feels very fresh and pleasant in the mouth and you will immediately receive a whiter, more beautiful smile.

If you want to whiten at home at your own pace

Hemblekning is a treatment for brighter and whiter teeth for those who want to whiten at home at your own pace. The method is also suitable for those who want to refresh your smile after a previous tooth whitening.

Hemblekning done with a customized whitening strip of soft plastic that is filled with a gel and placed over the teeth. The treatment is preceded by an examination by a licensed dentist or dental hygienist who will prescribe appropriate treatment. The treatment itself is performed in the home and in accordance with the instructions given by the dentist/dental hygienist. If necessary, you are recommended to go on visits to the dentist/hygienist for control of the achieved results. 
 The treatment can be carried out on days with two treatments of 30 minutes each with Day White or at night while you sleep with Nite White. The overall treatment time is 70-10 days and give a 2-3 shades brighter smile.


Common questions about tooth whitening

What is tooth whitening?
Tooth whitening is a bleaching gel is placed on your teeth. Bleaching gel contains hydrogen peroxide which whitens discolored enamel and dentin. Duration of treatment in teeth whitening can be accelerated by bleaching with light as with Zoom.

Why are teeth discolored??
Aging, coffee, tea, cola, red wine and tobacco make teeth discolored. Antibiotics and fluoride can cause discoloration during the time when teeth are growing.

Is teeth whitening safe?
Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening under the supervision of dental personnel is safe for teeth and gums. Today there is a solid body of scientific information on professional teeth whitening. Thus, it is also noted that the treatment is both effective and safe. Welfare writes about tooth whitening: For the right patient, with proper diagnosis, treatment planning, and technology is the bleaching of discolored teeth is the least invasive method to achieve improved aesthetics. The treatment is now a well documented alternative to more extensive corrective therapy.

Is there anyone who can not whiten their teeth?
Almost everyone who wants a whiter and more beautiful smile can have just this through professional teeth whitening. National Board writes to the patient’s dental health should be as optimal as possible before a treatment. To check this you should consult a trained dental professional. They do a professional examination of your teeth and check the types of stains available. They also check if there are icy teeth, laid bare root surfaces, tooth damage, thin enamel, leaking fillings, or a few cavities that can cause problems if not treated. Existing restorations, veneers, crowns and bridges are not significantly affected by bleaching and may upon request be made if after a bleaching to adapt to the new lighter color. Teeth whitening should not be performed in combination with pregnancy or during breast-feeding because there is limited experience.

Are there any age limit for teeth whitening?
Generally speaking, there is no age limit either upward or downward in teeth whitening. In the case of young people is the question which of course needs – often are the teeth in young people are relatively bright. There are exceptions of course and there is an accurate indication without contraindication, it is acceptable to perform a treatment even in young people. Sometimes there is an age of 18 years, but it has more to do with persons under 18 are minors and require parental consent for treatment. What is important to point out is that young people’s teeth usually have large pulparum in relation to the tooth in general why a bleaching of young people can more easily lead to aching and icing. This in itself is not a direct contraindication, but should be considered in any treatment.

Can I bleach despite restorations, veneers, crowns or bridges?
Yes, a tooth whitening does not significantly affect (either positive or negative) on either the fillings, veneers, crowns or bridges. Existing restorations, veneers, crowns and bridges can be made upon request if after a bleaching to adapt to the new lighter color.

Are there any side effects?
A teeth whitening can in some people cause temporary sensitivity of teeth with slight twinge and icing, resulting in and / or after treatment. This temporary sensitivity disappears always within 1-3 days. Talk to your dental care team if you know you have trouble with aching and / or icing. They can help you deal with it effectively.

How long is the result?
Your teeth will always be lighter than they were before treatment. Do you want to keep a “nyblekt ‘look, you can brush up on your teeth by bleaching them again after a couple of years, either with a shorter zoom-treatment or by a hemblekning with DayWhite or NiteWhite for 2-3 days.

How much lighter will my teeth?
Bleaching with Zoom has been shown to produce the best results according to industry magazine Reality. Exactly how much whiter your teeth will depend inter alia on the color they have from the beginning. Zoom whitens an average of up to 8 shades and as many as 13 skalors color change has been documented.

How does the Zoom teeth whitening?
The dentist / dental hygienist make a color shot of your teeth to get the color you have from the beginning. Then protect gums and mucous membranes and the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. After that starts the actual processing and you whiten your teeth for 3 x 20 minutes. After treatment, the teeth have been an average of eight shades lighter.

What does it cost?
The market for dental care is free and each individual in private practice dentists set their own prices. Within the public dental service for each county develops a general price list attached. 
 The price to whiten their teeth varies depending on the method and what is included in each treatment. A whitening treatment in place of the dental practice in one hour costs no more than one treatment is performed in the home for a long time. Consult your dental team for more specific pricing information.